Pinguin ist so frei und macht mit. Weil ich besessen bin. Einfach. Nur. Deswegen. Ich poste meine Ergebnisse im Blog, aber hier ist die Liste aller 30 Tage. :3
  1. Favorite episode 
  2. Favorite main character
  3. Favorite minor character
  4. Least favorite character
  5. Favorite canon pairing
  6. Favorite non canon pairing
  7. Favorite quote or catchphrase
  8. Funniest moment 
  9. Most bad-ass moment
  10. Most heart-wrenching moment
  11. Favorite Sherlock moment
  12. Favorite John moment
  13. Favorite Mycroft and/or Lestrade moment
  14. Favorite set 
  15. Favorite costume or piece of clothing
  16. Favorite deduction
  17. A little thing you’ve noticed from watching the episodes a million times
  18. Something from Arthur Conan Doyle canon you’d like to see next series
  19. Something not from ACD canon you’d like to see next series
  20. A scene or character you weren’t expecting to love
  21. A personal head canon
  22. Favorite Sherlockian tumblr 
  23. Favorite piece of Wholock 
  24. Favorite fan work 
  25. Best fandom in-joke 
  26. Favorite actor on the show
  27. The character who most resembles you
  28. Favorite character entrance 
  29. Favorite Sherlock/John moment.
  30. Best thing about the series.