18 November 2011

Schöne Beschreibung.

Pinguin sah diese Beschreibung eines seltsamen Gefühls und fühlte sich weniger allein- und du wolltest es wissen. Alles deine eigene Schuld. :D
"He felt strangely empty- not the grief-struck kind, not agonizing specifically; it was more like a deep, unsettling something-fundamental-is-amiss empty, the one you feel after hearing or seeing something devastating and heartshattering and you have no idea what to do to make it stop while it is the only thing that matters right now- to make it stop."

So yeah. Ich mag das neue Lied von The Boy- Waitress. Ich mag es sehr. Kleines Zitat:
The waitress is waitin'...
For a thing to explode,
For a light to go on,
For some sign to show
Her best has yet to come.
She's countin' the days
Until real life arrives.
She's countin': two three four five

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