30 November 2010


I'm actually too tired to speak German right now.
This is Penguin. I just decided to write with what I call my "Brooklyn accent" which is pretty pointless because a) no one will understand what I write and b) you can't write with an accent. I'll do it anyway.
Need ta learn fa ma German classtest t'morrow. Don't wanna do dat. Dat sucks. Aaaargh. I need ta dry ma hair 's well. An' I need ta learn for Pädagogik. What a stupid word, hun. 
A'm bored.
A miss Chicken.
A'm hungry, but I chose ta not eat anyt'in' afta I did sports anymore. An' I jus' came back from aquacyclin', so no foodey. Bargh.
I'm off now 'cause I really am tired. *yawn*
See ya.

Chicken? I love ya loooooads.


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